Icons Reference

This page demonstrates the SVG icons supplied with Jumpstart. Use the buttons to copy the icon's code to the clipboard.

NOTE: SVG icons and graphics do not appear when you are viewing the page from a local file. This is because the SVG injection script requires AJAX to work, which only works on a server. To see icons appear, you must view the page from a local server such as the Browsersync server provided in the Dev Tools.


warning-2 icon
backspace icon
cmd icon
code icon
commit icon
compiling icon
control icon
done-circle icon
error-circle icon
git-1 icon
git-2 icon
git-3 icon
git-4 icon
github icon
info-circle icon
left-circle icon
loading icon
lock-circle icon
lock-overturning icon
minus icon
option icon
plus icon
puzzle icon
question-circle icon
right-circle icon
settings-4 icon
shift icon
spy icon
stop icon
terminal icon
thunder-circle icon
time-schedule icon
warning-1-circle icon


adress-book-2 icon
active-call icon
add-user icon
address-card icon
adress-book-1 icon
archive icon
call-1 icon
call icon
chat-1 icon
chat-2 icon
chat-4 icon
chat-5 icon
chat-6 icon
chat-check icon
chat-error icon
chat-locked icon
chat-smile icon
clipboard-check icon
clipboard-list icon
contact-1 icon
delete-user icon
dial-numbers icon
flag icon
forward icon
group-chat icon
group icon
incoming-box icon
incoming-call icon
incoming-mail icon
mail-at icon
mail-attachment icon
mail-box icon
mail-error icon
mail-heart icon
mail-locked icon
mail-notification icon
mail-opened icon
mail-unocked icon
mail icon
missed-call icon
outgoing-box icon
outgoing-call icon
outgoing-mail icon
readed-mail icon
reply-all icon
reply icon
right icon
rss icon
safe-chat icon
send icon
sending-mail icon
sending icon
share icon
shield-thunder icon
shield-user icon
snoozed-mail icon
spam icon
thumbtack icon
urgent-mail icon
write icon


cutting-board icon
baking-glove icon
bowl icon
chef icon
cooking-book icon
cooking-pot icon
dinner icon
dish icon
dishes icon
fork-spoon-knife icon
fork-spoon icon
fork icon
frying-pan icon
grater icon
kitchen-scale icon
knife-1 icon
knife-2 icon
knife-fork-1 icon
knife-fork-2 icon
ladle icon
rolling-pin icon
saucepan icon
shovel icon
sieve icon
spoon icon


arrows icon
adjust icon
anchor-center-down icon
anchor-center-up icon
anchor-center icon
anchor-left-down icon
anchor-left-up icon
anchor-left icon
anchor-right-down icon
anchor-right-up icon
anchor-right icon
bezier-curve icon
border icon
brush icon
bucket icon
cap-1 icon
cap-2 icon
cap-3 icon
circle icon
color-profile icon
color icon
component icon
crop icon
difference icon
edit icon
eraser icon
flatten icon
flip-horizontal icon
flip-vertical icon
horizontal icon
image icon
interselect icon
join-1 icon
join-2 icon
join-3 icon
layers icon
line icon
magic icon
mask icon
patch icon
pen-ruler icon
pen-tool-vector icon
pencil icon
picker icon
pixels icon
polygon icon
position icon
rectangle icon
saturation icon
select icon
sketch icon
stamp icon
subtract icon
target icon
triangle icon
union icon
vertical icon
zoom-minus icon
zoom-plus icon


camera icon
airpods icon
android icon
apple-watch icon
battery-charging icon
battery-empty icon
battery-full icon
battery-half icon
bluetooth icon
cardboard-vr icon
cassete icon
cpu-1 icon
cpu-2 icon
diagnostics icon
display-1 icon
display-2 icon
display-3 icon
gameboy icon
gamepad-1 icon
gamepad-2 icon
generator icon
hard-drive icon
headphones icon
homepod icon
imac icon
iphone-back icon
iphone-x-back icon
iphone-x icon
keyboard icon
laptop-macbook icon
laptop icon
lte-1 icon
lte-2 icon
mic icon
midi icon
mouse icon
phone icon
printer icon
radio icon
router-1 icon
router-2 icon
sd-card icon
server icon
speaker icon
tablet icon
tv-1 icon
tv-2 icon
usb-storage icon
usb icon
video-camera icon
watch-1 icon
watch-2 icon
wi-fi icon


iron icon
air-conditioning icon
blender icon
fridge icon
gas-stove icon
highvoltage icon
kettle icon
mixer icon
outlet icon
range-hood icon
shutdown icon
socket-eu icon
socket-us icon
washer icon
hair-dryer icon


export icon
cloud-download icon
cloud-upload icon
compilation icon
compiled-file icon
deleted-file icon
deleted-folder icon
download icon
downloaded-file icon
downloads-folder icon
file-cloud icon
file-done icon
file-minus icon
file-plus icon
file icon
folder-check icon
folder-cloud icon
folder-error icon
folder-heart icon
folder-minus icon
folder-plus icon
folder-solid icon
folder-star icon
folder-thunder icon
folder icon
group-folders icon
import icon
locked-folder icon
media-folder icon
media icon
music icon
pictures-1 icon
pictures-2 icon
protected-file icon
selected-file icon
share icon
upload-folder icon
upload icon
uploaded-file icon
user-folder icon


cheese icon
beer icon
bottle-1 icon
bottle-2 icon
bread icon
bucket icon
burger icon
cake icon
carrot icon
chicken icon
coffee-1 icon
coffee-2 icon
cookie icon
dinner icon
fish icon
french-bread icon
glass-martini icon
ice-cream-1 icon
ice-cream-2 icon
miso-soup icon
orange icon
pizza icon
sushi icon
two-bottles icon
wine icon


duplicate icon
attachment-1 icon
attachment-2 icon
binocular icon
bookmark icon
clip icon
clipboard icon
cursor icon
dislike icon
edit icon
expand-arrows icon
fire icon
folder icon
half-heart icon
half-star icon
heart icon
hidden icon
like icon
lock icon
notification-2 icon
notifications-1 icon
other-1 icon
other-2 icon
sad icon
save icon
scale icon
scissors icon
search icon
settings-1 icon
settings-2 icon
settings-3 icon
shield-check icon
shield-disabled icon
shield-protected icon
size icon
smile icon
star icon
thunder-move icon
thunder icon
trash icon
unlock icon
update icon
user icon
visible icon


bulb-1 icon
air-ballon icon
alarm-clock icon
armchair icon
bag-chair icon
bath icon
bed icon
book-open icon
book icon
box icon
broom icon
building icon
bulb-2 icon
chair-1 icon
chair-2 icon
clock icon
couch icon
deer icon
door-open icon
earth icon
fireplace icon
flashlight icon
flower-1 icon
flower-2 icon
flower-3 icon
globe icon
home-heart icon
home icon
key icon
ladder icon
lamp-1 icon
lamp-2 icon
library icon
mailbox icon
mirror icon
picture icon
ruler icon
stairs icon
timer icon
toilet icon
towel icon
trash icon
water-mixer icon
weight-1 icon
weight-2 icon
wood-1 icon
wood-2 icon
wood-horse icon
сommode-1 icon
сommode-2 icon
сupboard icon
сurtains icon


layout-top-panel-1 icon
layout-3d icon
layout-4-blocks icon
layout-arrange icon
layout-grid icon
layout-horizontal icon
layout-left-panel-1 icon
layout-left-panel-2 icon
layout-right-panel-1 icon
layout-right-panel-2 icon
layout-top-panel-2 icon
layout-top-panel-3 icon
layout-top-panel-4 icon
layout-top-panel-5 icon
layout-top-panel-6 icon
layout-vertical icon


location-arrow icon
compass icon
direction-1 icon
direction-2 icon
marker-1 icon
marker-2 icon
position icon


next icon
add-music icon
airplay-video icon
airplay icon
back icon
backward icon
cd icon
dvd icon
eject icon
equalizer icon
forward icon
media-library-1 icon
media-library-2 icon
media-library-3 icon
movie-lane-1 icon
movie-lane-2 icon
music-cloud icon
music-note icon
music icon
mute icon
pause icon
play icon
playlist-1 icon
playlist-2 icon
rec icon
repeat-one icon
repeat icon
shuffle icon
volume-down icon
volume-full icon
volume-half icon
volume-up icon
vynil icon
youtube icon


arrow-from-bottom icon
angle-double-down icon
angle-double-left icon
angle-double-right icon
angle-double-up icon
angle-down icon
angle-left icon
angle-right icon
arrow-down icon
arrow-from-left icon
arrow-from-right icon
arrow-from-top icon
arrow-left icon
arrow-right icon
arrow-to-bottom icon
arrow-to-left icon
arrow-to-right icon
arrow-to-up icon
arrow-up icon
arrows-h icon
arrows-v icon
check icon
close icon
double-check icon
down-2 icon
down-left icon
down-right icon
exchange icon
left-2 icon
left-3 icon
minus icon
plus icon
right-2 icon
right-3 icon
route icon
icon
sign-out icon
up-2 icon
up-down icon
up-left icon
up-right icon
waiting icon


cart-3 icon
atm icon
bag-1 icon
bag-2 icon
barcode-read icon
barcode-scan icon
barcode icon
bitcoin icon
box-1 icon
box-2 icon
box-3 icon
calculator icon
cart-1 icon
cart-2 icon
chart-bar-1 icon
chart-bar-2 icon
chart-bar-3 icon
chart-line-1 icon
chart-line-2 icon
chart-pie icon
credit-card icon
dollar icon
euro icon
gift icon
loader icon
mc icon
money icon
pound icon
price-1 icon
price-2 icon
rouble icon
safe icon
sale-1 icon
sale-2 icon
settings icon
sort-1 icon
sort-2 icon
sort-3 icon
ticket icon
wallet-2 icon
wallet-3 icon
wallet icon


quote-1 icon
align-auto icon
align-center icon
align-justify icon
align-left icon
align-right icon
article icon
bold icon
bullet-list icon
code icon
edit-text icon
filter icon
font icon
h1 icon
h2 icon
itallic icon
menu icon
paragraph icon
quote-2 icon
redo icon
strikethrough icon
text-height icon
text-width icon
text icon
underline icon
undo icon


swiss-knife icon
angle-grinder icon
axe icon
brush icon
compass icon
hummer-2 icon
hummer icon
pantone icon
road-cone icon
roller icon
roulette icon
screwdriver icon
shovel icon
spatula icon
tools icon


rain-2 icon
celcium icon
cloud-1 icon
cloud-2 icon
cloud-fog icon
cloud-sun icon
cloud-wind icon
cloudy-night icon
cloudy icon
day-rain icon
fahrenheit icon
fog icon
moon icon
night-fog icon
night-rain icon
rain-1 icon
rain-5 icon
rainbow icon
snow-1 icon
snow-2 icon
snow-3 icon
snow icon
storm icon
sun-fog icon
sun icon
suset-1 icon
suset-2 icon
temperature-empty icon
temperature-full icon
temperature-half icon
thunder-night icon
thunder icon
umbrella icon
wind icon


youtube icon
vimeo icon
slack icon
spotify icon
twitter icon
unsplash icon
kickstarter icon
linkedin icon
pinterest icon
producthunt icon
skype icon
github icon
google icon
instagram icon
dribbble icon
facebook icon


icon-chevron-left icon
icon-arrow-down icon
icon-arrow-left icon
icon-arrow-right icon
icon-arrow-up icon
icon-calendar icon
icon-caret-down icon
icon-caret-left icon
icon-caret-right icon
icon-caret-up icon
icon-check icon
icon-chevron-down icon
icon-chevron-right icon
icon-chevron-up icon
icon-clock icon
icon-heart icon
icon-home icon
icon-mail icon
icon-map-marker-2 icon
icon-media-play icon
icon-menu icon
icon-minus icon
icon-more-horizontal icon
icon-more-vertical icon
icon-plus icon
icon-search icon
icon-shopping-bag icon
icon-shopping-cart icon
icon-x icon